LED Driver

Constant Current / Voltage driver upto 300W

Everstar offers a one stop solution for all CCT tunable requirement with its range of Dual Channel Drivers and compatible COB’s ranging from 6W to 60W ,thus suitable for all types of Indoor application. There Drivers are built to meet our Indian power conditions, hence offers 3KV Surge protection and a wide input Voltage range. In addition to the performance and cost consideration, we also pay attention to the long term use of the product and it’s reliability.

The Drivers are controlled using 4 Zone 2.4G RF Remote Controller which adopts Air self-inspection Sync Technology enabling intercommunication between the drivers thus increasing the overall area of control. The biggest advantage of this system is that it can not only solve the cabling problem in engineering wirelessly, but also realize a wired-like operation experience. Drivers with multi current setting (500-800mA) are also available.

Everstar CCT Tunable COB is a chip-on-board LED module that enables independent adjustment of brightness and CCT. This technology provides the ability to control the color temperature of the Luminaire from 2700K to 6000K. Ideal for human-centric architectural lighting applications, the 2-channel design provides high-quality white light without sacrificing efficacy.

Max. Output
Efficiency Power Factor Type
ES-HX-RFBK-CCT-2.4G 148*40*38 * 3V(AAA*2) * * * * 2.4GHz RF
ESWT-34-5080CD 163*46*25 34W 90-264VAC 24-42VDC 500mA - 800mA >85% >0.93 Isolated/flicker free
ESWT-20-50CD 115*45*31 20W 90-264VAC 24-42VDC 500mA >83% 0.5 Isolated/flicker free
ESWT-08-20CD 90*45*25 8W 90-264VAC 24-42VDC 200mA >83% 0.5 Isolated/flicker free
ESWT-12-30CD 90*45*25 12W 90-264VAC 24-42VDC 300mA >83% 0.5 Isolated/flicker free
ES-CCT-2.4G-4B 86*86*32 <2W 90-264VAC * * * * 2.4GHz RF wall panel remote
LED WI FI BOX 108*63*24 <3w 12-24VDC * * * * Wi Fi 2.4G
Inner LES Outer LES Forward Voltage Forward Current CCT Range Typical Power CRI
ES-11-EQ08-200-2760T85 15.8*15.8*1.4 8.5mm 10.5mm 34-40V 180-250mA 2700K-6000K 8W 85
ES-14-EQ012-300-2760T85 19*19*1.8 12mm 14mm 34-40V 300-500mA 2700K-6000K 12W 85
ES-14-EQ018-500-2760T85 19*19*1.8 12mm 14mm 34-40V 500-800mA 2700K-6000K 18W 85
ES-17-EQ030-800-2760T85 19*19*1.8 14.5mm 16.5mm 34-40V 800-1000mA 2700K-6000K 30W 85