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With years of experience in Manufacturing and R&D of Metal Oxide Varistors, 'ElkoPower' has diversified its product portfolio to Film and Electrolytic capacitors thus offering a wider range of passive components.


Our Offline Power switch offers a number of inbuilt features like OVP UVP and OTP thus reducing the need for rigorous tuning and easing the system design process. The inbuilt THD compensation circuit enables to eliminate all the THD compensation components required thus pushing the limits of Offline Flyback convertors offering a very sustainable highly efficient product.


Recognised for its range of Glass passivated general purpose diodes, Ultra fast Diodes, Schottky Diodes and Bridge Rectifier, Etron offers the same in a number of Surface mount and through hole packages for a wide array of application


The company has senior experts in the field of semiconductor design and an efficient management team, mainly engaged in the research and development and system integration of innovative analog and digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits Type a message


Endotherm Provides Complete solution for Electronic manufacturing consumables. From a number of thermally conductive Grease to Complete range of solder Products.


Illumination products from Everstar , enchant customers with LED based solutions like SMD & COB for creating different colour temperatures , CCT Tunable, Dim to warm. It also ventures in to specialized lighting application like Horticulture, Air-purification, Display lighting, Back lit lighting.On Non Illumination front, Everstar also cater to Driver on Board Section.


Fengdao Technology is a professional motor drive chip company committed to deliver best in class high quality drive and control chips for diversified motor application. It provides complete support on vivid applications that cover industrial equipment, motion control, intelligent robots, IT and communications and other drive control fields.


Plexilent is the IOT vertical which will support the free-to-brand turnkey smart home solution to anyone. We are coming with complete revolutionary solution for IOT Market.


Telink Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company of state-of-the art wireless connectivity SoCs. With tons of experience Telink enables solution in various consumer and commercial IoT applications, including smart retail, consumer electronics, smart lighting, home automation, medical devices, warehousing and logistics, audio, and entertainment.